North Shore private school student

Yr 3 and 5 entrance exam

What was your overall experience (as a parent) with Little Geniuses in preparing your son for a North Shore private school  exam, for year 3 & 5?


When I realised that my son was sitting for a North Shore private school exam in 6 months, I knew that he would need some help.  My main concern was that I could not help him myself to have the right focus, knowledge and techniques for the entrance exam. I found Little Geniuses on the internet as I read that as well as tutoring students, they also specialise in preparing students for private school entrance  exams .  I found that they had specific techniques and teaching styles that I did not find at other tutoring places. They really focus on the child and I found that the teachers at Little Geniuses were extremely helpful and prepared my son in all aspects for sitting the exam including helping him with techniques to answer the questions.  I also found an added benefit because he was improving at school as well and very quickly moved up in his class. The teachers were so helpful and always gave us written feedback after every lesson, which I found very helpful and they knew exactly where my son needed to improve and worked relentlessly to get him where he needed to be so he was ready.  We were so happy when our sons were both offered positions for yr 3 and 5 and did well in the entrance exam.


Thank you, Little Geniuses!


What was your overall experience (as the student) with Little Geniuses in preparing you for a North Shore private school entrance exam?


What I love about Little Geniuses is that the teachers are all really nice and they gave me all the information I needed to excel in the North Shore private school entrance exam. We did practice exams and that prepared me a lot.  If I got any answers wrong or I didn't know anything, the teachers would explain it to me.  I really enjoy my lessons at Little Geniuses even though they make you work hard. 


Did you find the Interview preparation for the North Shore private school useful? 


Little Geniuses was also so helpful with preparing our son for the interview, which was equally as important as the exam.  They knew all the questions he needed to prepare for and when it came to the interview, he couldn't have done better - he was well prepared and his responses were well thought out.


Trinity Grammar Student

IB Score: 44/45

How do you think Little Geniuses have helped you with the Internal Assessments (IAs) for Chemistry?


Before the IB, the school curriculum barely touched upon the rigorous demands of a well-executed and well-written Chemistry Lab report. Starting the Chemistry IA alone indubitably felt like getting thrown into the deep end. I had no idea what to do or how to do much of anything. Guidance from my teacher was poor and vague. Little Geniuses provided me with the necessary guidance for me to really understand what was required for me to score highly in this component.


More specifically, my tutor helped me develop original ideas when brainstorming experiments, provided constant daily communication while executing my experiment, intimate discussion of my lab results and finally, rigorous review of my lab reports. The end result was one confident chemistry student with three quality Chemistry IA's. 


How do you think Little Geniuses have helped you with TOK/EE and your English Preparation? 


Little Geniuses provided me with firm and effective guidance from the planning stage to the addition of finishing touches to my essays and written pieces for TOK, EE and English. What I really appreciated was that Little Geniuses rotated their tutors to ones with the most expertise for whatever topic I was engaged in, which meant that I could discuss my ideas in great detail for these subjects.


Due to the great flexibility and breadth of choice that the EE gives students, I know I felt daunted by this gargantuan task of writing 4000 words on a topic I know I had absolutely no expertise in. My tutor at Little Geniuses was thankfully very knowledgeable in a number of prospective topics and this allowed me to have the confidence and support to come up with a truly original idea for my Literature EE. I was set on the right path in relation to researching and developing my idea by my tutor as he provided me with relevant and insightful materials for my topic.


Weekly discussions on the progress of my EE and regular reviews of my writing allowed me to produce consistently thoughtful and quality drafts. This eventually developed into a solid final piece after thorough reviews by a number of tutors at Little Geniuses. This process of constant review and communication was also used for my TOK and English essays, and I really appreciated it. It was a way to draw upon the expertise of a number of intelligent tutors and use them as a support for my ideas and writing. 

At Little Geniuses, I was constantly practising Paper 1 and Paper 2 and was consistently provided with feedback. Little Geniuses structured my English revision in a very scientific way that allowed me to thoroughly work on and develop my writing and analytical skills. By the time of my final IB exams, I was confident in my ability to tackle any type of question or written piece that I would have to engage in. The analytical material that Little Geniuses produced in relation to my set works were extremely insightful and gave greater effect to the expertise I was also receiving from my tutors. 


Do you think having an Educational Service like Little Geniuses plan all the subjects for you, helped you manage the IB course better?

Having Little Geniuses plan my subjects took a lot of pressure off me. The expertise that Little Geniuses offered allowed me to confidently pick my subjects according to my strengths and ensure that I achieve the highest possible mark that I could.


Little Geniuses provided me with a holistic support network in my IB course as I would receive help on anything that I was struggling with. Little Geniuses was unique in this sense as it really was truly focused on helping me achieve the best IB mark, rather than the best mark for a given subject like other tutoring centres or individual tutors.

Would you recommend Little Geniuses to your friends that are doing the IB Course?

I would definitely recommend Little Geniuses to my friends that are or will be doing the IB course. Based on my experience, and of the experiences of others that have been there, Little Geniuses provides a truly holistic and expert support network for its students, so that they may perform at the highest level. 


Did you ever think you were going to get 44/45 for IB course? How did you feel when you received the marks? 


I certainly was madly driven to achieve a high mark for the IB course. Little Geniuses allowed me to pursue my objective confidently and with much support. As soon as I received my marks, I was overjoyed and was extremely happy that all my hard work had paid off. 


MLC Student

IB Score: 45/45

How do you think Little Geniuses have helped you with the Internal Assessments (IAs) for Mathematics and Geography?

Because my Geography IA was based on a very focused question, the level of detail required was relatively high. The teachers at Little Geniuses helped me to elaborate on those details or even to notice details that I didn’t realise were important. Also, the teachers not only checked the content of my Geography IA very carefully but also taught me skills in referencing, labeling and general report writing, which will be very useful not just for IB but also for university.

Little Geniuses also helped me a lot when I was starting my Math IA. For example, as I didn’t know what a Math IA should include, teachers at Little Geniuses went through the sections that were essential and discussed how it should be structured. The teachers also explained certain concepts, so I was lucky to have guidance from Little Geniuses.

How do you think Little Geniuses have helped you with TOK and your English Preparation?

For English, the constant practices of Paper One and Paper Two forced me to not be lazy. Paper One is all about getting used to writing everything you know about the extract within the time limit and understanding something completely new in a short amount of time, so practices are crucial and Little Geniuses allowed me to keep that going for two years.


Starting everything early at Little Geniuses gave me enough time to fully prepare myself for things like the Independent Oral Presentation (IOP) and Independent Oral Commentary (IOC). I remember starting to practice IOC months before the test and being relatively confident in all the poems that could be tested when it was closer to the exam.


For Theory of Knowledge (TOK) presentations, I could discuss my ideas with the teachers at Little Geniuses and see if they are valuable knowledge questions. I also got a chance to rehearse my TOK presentation with the teachers and get presentation tips. For the TOK essay, I could discuss real life situations that might be suitable for the prescribed title with the teachers at Little Geniuses.


Would you recommend Little Geniuses to your friends that are doing the IB Course?

I would definitely recommend Little Geniuses to my friends doing IB. The teachers there are so nice and responsible. They all want the students to get the highest mark they can possibly achieve. I am so grateful for all the encouragement and support they offered me.


Did you ever think you were going to get 45/45 for IB course? How did you feel when you received the marks? 

I have always wanted a 45 but I never really thought I would get it. When I got my result, I was shocked and I remembered screaming and crying. It was definitely a good surprise. 


Reddam House Student

HSC Score: 99.85

How did Little Geniuses help you in English?

With the English syllabus spanning across such a broad spectrum of ideologies and themes, it is immensely difficult to be prepared for all the potential questions the Board of Studies will test you on.


To tackle this challenge, Little Geniuses has been invaluable in guiding me through the syllabus while fostering techniques that both streamline the HSC English Advanced and English Extension course and lay the groundwork of skills needed for success in my future careers. 

Little Geniuses smoothed over the process of accumulating literary knowledge throughout the year both by constantly ensuring that I was familiar with texts studied, even those from a year ago, while checking in to assure I wasn’t overwhelmed. For me, one of the greatest perks of Little Geniuses’ tuition system is that each class you attend is catered to your needs!

Unlike other classes where the pace of the lesson may be incompatible to you, the tutors always prioritise what you need. Their consistent consideration of your testing timetables, class load and most importantly, your emotional place and how confident you are for your tests, creates a familiar environment where you can solely focus on improving your academics.

Above all, it is the acumen and attitude of all the tutors there. It is undeniable that all the tutors understand clearly what it necessary to create great marks and amazing students. While I was there, their relentless demand for quality work ensured that I stayed time-efficient and was spreading out my workload rather than cramming.

Constant communication between myself and Little Geniuses even while I wasn’t at class not only showed that Little Geniuses absolutely cared about their students but also ensured that my work was completed in advance for refinement. Their editing process was incredible in both detecting subtle grammatical errors and suggesting potential ideas that could improve my essays.

At Little Geniuses, you build a genuine relationship with your tutor that makes it easy to communicate both your success and troubles. Such communication was essential in establishing what was required of me, whether it be timed practice essays or speech rehearsals. To be able to have your work marked prior to handing final essays into school was also important for me as it created an opportunity for me to understand what needed refining to attain that perfect mark.

I appreciate everything that Little Geniuses has done for me and their constant support. Without their contributions, my HSC would surely not be such a success.