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Little Geniuses’ IB and HSC Students achieve top results!

Congratulations to all our IB and HSC students who scored top results in 2016!

Our top achieving student studied at MLC and scored a perfect score of 45/45 in the IB - an ATAR of 99.95!

“I’ve always wanted a 45 but I never really thought I would get it. When I got my result, I was shocked and I remembered screaming and crying. It was definitely a good surprise!” she said.

Many of our students from Trinity Grammar School also appeared on the school’s Outstanding Individual Performance list, which includes students who scored 40+ IB points (equivalent to a 98.30+ ATAR).

Little Geniuses played a key role in all our student’s success, providing them with guidance in all/most of their subjects.

But it is not just about rushing to a coaching centre a few months before the final exams - the IB is a two-year course, and starting early and constant revision is the key to success!

Take it from our top IB student, who achieved a perfect score of 45/45.

“For English, the constant practices of Paper One and Paper Two forced me to not be lazy. Paper One is all about getting used to writing everything you know about the extract within the time limit and understanding something completely new in a short amount of time, so practices are crucial and Little Geniuses allowed me to keep that going for two years,” she said.

“Starting everything early at Little Geniuses gave me enough time to fully prepare myself for things like the Independent Oral Presentation (IOP) and Independent Oral Commentary (IOC). I remember starting to practice IOC months before the test and being relatively confident in all the poems that could be tested when it was closer to the exam.”

Little Geniuses are also experts in the most demanding aspects of the IB - Internal Assessments (IA), 4000 word Extended Essay (EE) and Theory of Knowledge (TOK) components.

These areas in the IB course are the most difficult for students as they require in-depth independent research and critical thinking. Disappointingly, they are commonly the areas where schools don’t provide sufficient guidance. It is hard see how any student can succeed in these demanding components without extra assistance!

At Little Geniuses, we fill in these gaps - providing all our IB students with one-on-one discussion, guidance and tips for all these difficult components.

“For Theory of Knowledge (TOK) presentations, I was able to discuss my ideas with the teachers at Little Geniuses and see if they are valuable knowledge questions. I also got a chance to rehearse my TOK presentation with the teachers and get presentation tips. For the TOK essay, I could discuss real life situations that might be suitable for the prescribed title with the teachers at Little Geniuses,” said our top achieving MLC student.

But it is not just IB where Little Geniuses’ students excelled - our top HSC student scored an impressive ATAR of 99.85.

With Little Geniuses education planning and guidance in English Advanced and Extension English, the student from Reddam House achieved a score she didn’t think was possible!

“Constant communication between myself and Little Geniuses even while I wasn’t at class not only showed that Little Geniuses absolutely cared about their students but also ensured that my work was completed in advance for refinement. Without their contributions, my HSC would surely not be such a success!”

Congratulations again to all our 2016 students and we wish you luck in your future careers!

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