Do you ever wonder why some students find it so easy to stay at the top of the class?

Do you find yourself losing confidence when faced with numerous school assessments? Are you getting behind on your school work?


Speak to us - we know the secrets.


The education professionals at Little Geniuses will tailor learning for your child’s academic level and beyond. Our goal is to mentor your child to reach the top percentile in the state. It’s not just talent. It is planning, strategy, ambition and drive.

Our secondary program is focused on ensuring that each student builds the foundations that will assist them in both their current and future studies. 


Little Geniuses will tailor lessons specifically to help your child, taking into account the syllabus, assessment needs and individual timelines.

We provide the following assistance to secondary students across all subjects:

  •  Effective organisation and planning skills.



  •  Academic analysis and sample A-range essays with annotated features relevant to the texts currently studied in school.



  •  Comprehensive study notes and rules directed at addressing syllabus requirements.



  •   School Assessment Preparation.  We will guide your child each step of the way with their school assessments.


  •  Access to a wide range of past papers and exam-style questions for all subjects.


  •  Sample Exams written specifically for school assessments.


  •  Marked-up essays and feedback so that your child is able to improve the clarity, structure and level of sophistication of their writing.


  •  Comprehensive written feedback after each lesson, detailing your child’s strengths and weaknesses.


  •  A comprehensive report detailing your child’s progress at the end of each term.

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