A significant portion of gifted students pass by the gaze of school teachers and, sadly, never have their talents nurtured.

This is too often the case for talented students who cannot find intellectual and creative challenge and stimulation.

Little Geniuses is committed to inspiring your child through innovative teaching methods to become an independent and capable learner. We encourage abstract thinking and employ a system of proven strategies that enable students to excel and meet their true potential. We recognise the significant advantage of working two years ahead of their school level.

At Little Geniuses, we pride ourselves in helping students attain academic scholarships to the most elite private and selective schools in Australia.  Our focus is on getting ahead, so that your child is able to perform their best and achieve at the highest level throughout their entire schooling life.


Little Geniuses will tailor lessons specifically to help your child, taking into account the syllabus, assessment needs and individual timelines.

We provide the following assistance to primary students across all subjects:

  • Effective organisation and planning skills.


  •  Homework assistance – regardless of the subject.


  •  Assignments & Assessments – nothing is ever too hard!


  •  News talk/public speaking.


  •  Preparation for Elite Private Schools, Opportunity Class and Selective School Entry.


  •  Preparation for Scholarship Testing.


  •  School/State-wide exam preparation: NAPLAN, ICAS, Maths Olympiad.


  •  Accelerated Learning – teaching children two years ahead of their school level to ensure they are in the extension class.


  • Simplified rules and structured methods so that your child is able to quickly pick up difficult concepts.


  • Homework marking and feedback on the areas that require revision.


  • Comprehensive written feedback after each lesson, detailing your child’s strengths and weaknesses.


  • A comprehensive report detailing your child’s progress at the end of each term.

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