Would you like your child to gain admission to elite Ivy League universities?


In Australia, there is a notable lack of qualified and experienced professionals that offer training for the IB course, despite the number of students who struggle with the course.


 Thankfully, Little Geniuses is renowned for its success in mentoring Australian students through the competitive program.


We can guide your child and teach them the techniques and strategies required to study effectively and successfully.

The IB Course can be a challenging program for students, particularly if they lack organisational skills and guidance.
The work is of a university-level standard and is very content heavy.  Many students become overwhelmed and require a lot of         assistance, which schools do not often provide.  IB students are expected to be proactive learners and self-study outside of school, thus, time management and effective planning is crucial. 



                                             Prior preparation for the IB course will give your child a competitive advantage!


At Little Geniuses, we begin teaching the IB Course one year prior to the student commencing it at school.

By doing this, each student has time to comprehend complex topics and develop their critical thinking skills.  By the time students have assessments at school, they are ahead of their cohort in terms of both their skills and knowledge.

We teach ahead of the school schedule and start assessment planning early as these tasks cannot be completed in a short timeframe.  Extensive research, drafting, editing and finalising is required.  Planning ahead is the key to success in the IB course.


Little Geniuses will tailor lessons specifically to help your child through both their written and verbal assessments across all subjects.

We provide the following assistance to IB students  



  • In IB, students must study six courses from different academic disciplines (English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities and Language).  While in HSC, the only compulsory subject is English.


  • Subjects are not scaled in the IB course; choosing the higher or standard level of the subject will not impact the final mark.  While in HSC, subject selection is crucial to obtaining the highest mark.


  • The IB has a maximum mark of 45, with six subjects worth seven marks each and three bonus points from the Theory of Knowledge (TOK) and Extended Essay (EE).

  • Subject consultation to ensure your child chooses the best subjects that will allow them to maximise their results.


  • Education planning and management to stay on top of the content heavy courses.


  • Effective organisation and planning skills.


  • Academic analysis and sample A-range essays with annotated features relevant to the texts currently studied in school.


  • Comprehensive study notes and rules directed at addressing the IB Syllabus requirements.


  • Comprehensive assistance for the Extended Essay (EE) and Theory of Knowledge (TOK).  We will assist students in their researching, planning writing and editing stages.


  • IB Assessment Preparation.  We will guide your child each step of the way in the Internal Assessments (IAs).


  • Access to a range of IB past papers and exam-style questions.


  • Sample Exams written specifically for school assessments.


  •  Marked-up essays and feedback so that your child is able to improve the clarity, structure and level of sophistication of their writing.


  • Comprehensive written feedback after each lesson, detailing your child’s strengths and weaknesses.


  • A comprehensive report detailing your child’s progress at the end of each term.

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